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Steve Smith

Hova has returned!!!!! this will be the album of the year.


my man hov best rapper alive and one of your biggest fans ever cant wait till the cd come out

Adam Miclot

Im sorry i must disagree with the somment above saying that the Jay-Z alblum will be the alblum of the year. I must say that the new Nas alblum is just as good if not better and has a guest appearance from
Jay-z. Nas if the truth and is the better rapper, while hov is the better mogul.


Yo, folks.
I'm pretty sorry to say that J's return wasn't a success. There was a couple of cool tracks, but in the end, it wasn't enough for its price. Sorr'ey.
If you want to download any of the tracks on this record, I strongly recomend "beach chair", "Show Me What You Got" and "Kingdom Come".
Check it out.


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