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Agghhh, I love these shoes, but I can't find them anywhere! Any suggestions? I've tried Barney's and Saks, both places listed in the article about them in Nov's Harper's Bazaar, and no luck. Sad.


hello, I saw the nike sprint sisters shoes in Bazaar magazine and i was just searching around to where i can find them. Would you know where i could in Miami, Florida? Thank You


The Sprint Sister Nikes can be purchased from Nordstroms or Finish Line.com.


I couldn't find them anywhere so what I did is I went onto the nike website and searched them and then later customized them to what I like and had them made. Only $75 plus shipping =].


I loveeee these shoes!!! do u know where i can find them???? thanks!


These are basically my dream shoes. If anybody knows how I can get a pair, please let me know.


I have the white and gold one and the purple and yellow ones they r so hot.....they r very unique sneakers and come in alot of colors alot of bright one 4 the summer time OMG i luv them oh so much

Just Me.

I have a blue pair of Nike Sprint Sisters


I work at a Nike Factory Outlet Store at the womens footwear department and bought these shoes for my girlfriend. They were only $29.99 at my store and $25.55 with my employee discount


these are the sickest shoes ever...i live in toronto canada and can not find these shoes ne where...they have every other colour but i want these ones white and gold..can i buy them online ??


i really really want these shoes. do you know where to find them in LA??? or ONLINE thats cheap..




i spent so long searching for shoes, it was literally by chance i found nikes i liked (the ones at the top) but i was in italy. I really can't find ones similar to those in Canada...

nike sister

yah i can't find the white and gold ones anywhere on line or in the stores please help i luv them so much


I have a pair in bronze. I just love them! They are so comfortable and light to wear.
I'm looking online for them - I want to buy them in another color.

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